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Our Mission
To give great food and service to movie and television sets around the world.

Hat Trick Catering caters to small and large crews in cities and remote locations all over the world. We specialize in making food to order and bringing the freshest ingredients to your plate. Crew sizes have ranged anywhere from 100-1800 people in the past. Hat Trick Catering is also a green sustainable company. 


Our company was started in Los Angeles, CA in 2000 by Paul Kuzmich and Stan Pratt. Stan later retired in 2007. We started with two trucks but have since expanded to four sets of trucks around the United States. Paul brought his business to London in 2011, where he has two sets of equipment. 


Additionally, Hat Trick Catering is LLC'd in the following states: Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. 

Before starting Hat Trick, Paul had 25 years of previous restaurant experience where he was an executive chef. He mainly worked in restaurants in Southern California. Paul now works around the world, with locality in London where the business can qualify for the UK's tax credits. He specializes in working in foreign countries and serving large film set crews. Paul still enjoys working his own truck on shows, and comes to work on set with his crew. 


LLC's Qualify for Tax Breaks

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